We were established in Babadag, Denizli considered as the capital of textile of today’s Turkey in 1973. We became a world’s leading brand in textile sector in the end of about half a century by strengthening with belief and perseverance during our journey we started with effort and patience. 
Today, we have a great market share in Turkey and as well as in many states of Europe such as England, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy with our products ranging from towel, bathrobe, home textile, home clothes, sports to underwear as an integrated industry enterprise. 
Our name has been mentioned with the quality for about half a century with 2500 employees at our plants established in 200.000 square meters open, 150.000 square meters covered area and we have been among the top 500 industry enterprises of Turkey since 1995. 
We are walking towards to the top with daily 12.500 bathrobe production. 
We are the greatest producer of Europe with daily 150.000 towel production. 
We keep going with big steps as the shining star of Turkish textile being rightly proud of contributing to the country’s economy and creating employment and with turnover exceeding 100.000.000 USD annually...